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Natural is the new glam!

Hi, I’m Susan and that's the slogan of my beauty business … and probably also my life!

What’s it all about, you wonder? Well, I’ve been a natural & organic beauty advocate for the past 30 years. And it wasn’t always glamorous, trust me! But now it is!

My personal journey

At age 17 I became a vegetarian. No meat, fish, seafood or eggs. Back in the days, the label #vegetarian was rather a curse than a blessing. There were hardly any organic grocery stores, let alone supermarkets. No vegetarian cookbooks, cookshows or ambassadors advocating for this lifestyle. People would make fun of me, doctors included. So I had to learn all by myself. I connected with alternative health practioners and like-minded people and taught myself everything about a healthy plant-based diet. Upon my researches about #animalwelfare and #factoryfarming I came across stories of how cosmetic manufacturers were using animal waste for personal care products. Think skins, muscles and bones of cows and pigs or fish skin and scales. I dug deeper and deeper and was so disgusted. I never liked fish anyway. And as I had stopped eating meat completely within a few weeks, I couldn’t bear the idea of putting onto my skin which I wouldn’t put into my body.

That was a turning point in my life. I took a closer look at cosmetic production, cosmetic ingredients, their benefits and downsides. Oh my, the gap between skin care’s marketing promises and its disillusioning results due to nasty, harmful chemicals and animal ingredients! I was hooked! And stopped using conventional cosmetics right away.

Since that time I’ve been educating myself, attending global events, exhibitions and training sessions while watching the natural beauty industry evolve. Over the past 3 decades I’ve tried out every single brand and too many products to count. Helped thousands of people, strangers & friends alike, to understand and experience the benefits of using all-natural personal care. A passionate hobby really, at first, but one I dedicated every single second of my life to. Whether at home, or travelling the world or while living in California. Until this very day. But there’s a difference now.

Turning my passion into a profession

In 2019, I quit my professional career as a content editor and digital consultant and started a business. Yep, after 25 years as an employed executive in marketing, sales and consulting. With exciting chapters in the music industry, pay-tv, sports & entertainment, #beauty and #consulting. You could also argue: Finally! While I loved all of my careers, it was obvious that I had a calling in helping people live their best lives. In fact, my last boss said if I ever started my own brand, he would be my first investor. Because my enthusiasm for #naturalbeauty is so contagious. Not sure, if he really meant it. But hey,

a little encouragement didn’t hurt!

I’m curious and versatile by nature, I guess that’s why I’ve embraced different careers. But authentic natural beauty is what I love most and what I want to dedicate the rest of my life to. My consulting business is built on the extensive expertise I’ve gained in my previous jobs. Manifesting my broad experience, I invested in further training and became a “Certified Natural Beauty Consultant”. Consultant as in expert advisor, I’m not a salesperson (who are also called ‘Beauty Consultant’ these days).

Now what’s that got to do with ‘natural glam’, you ask?

I have witnessed the natural beauty industry starting out decades ago. Catering to people who simply wanted to live a healthy life. The first organic movement in Germany goes way back to the 1970ies. And their fans had some nasty nicknames. Living an eco-conscious lifestyle was not considered hip. Let’s be honest, most of the products and their marketing weren’t sophisticated or cool at all, let alone glamorous. But over the years things have changed dramatically. It started when #sustainability and a green way of life became fashionable. More and more people from all walks of life became fascinated with natural beauty and its benefits.

Around 2010 this movement picked up speed and gained even more momentum when vegans joined in. Higher demand, better offerings, right? A few pioneer brands started launching beautiful media campaigns including TV (a novelty at the time) to reach a broader audience. Others followed. With double-digit growth rates over the past years, natural beauty has entered the mass market by conquering drugstores, organic supermarkets and online retailers. Stylish women’s and lifestyle magazines began promoting #greenbeauty and it didn’t take long until beauty editors, influencers and bloggers all over the world were raving about the beauty and benefits of natural cosmetics.

That’s when the sexy and glam began!

Today, natural and conventional beauty products are almost equally advanced and stylish, especially as the make-up category is catching up. Formulas, textures and colors have become more refined, covering the latest make-up trends and aiming at younger target groups. Marketing & selling concepts as well as packaging have finally adopted the modern and glamorous aspects of cosmetics and self-care. International brands like UndGretel, Mádara, Lavera, Weleda, Kjaer Weis, Sante, Benecos, Aubrey Organics, RMS, ILIA Beauty, Zuii Organic, John Masters, Tata Harper, I WANT YOU NAKED, Whamisa, The OrganicPharmacy, … and so many others have paved the way for this new sexiness.

But that's not all. The idea of beauty has been shifting. The day has finally come, also thanks to social media, when women dare to show their bare faces (#nomakeup) and stand by their natural beauty. A more natural look is hip, with #naturalglow being the most googled term in beauty. A positive counter-trend to the Kardashians and Jenners, 20-step layering and contouring techniques, false lashes that come in pounds, and other global trends. And the corona crisis, despite all hardships, has somehow also brought back a new normal to our homes. Hollywood A-listers on Instagram live sessions and Zoom meetings wearing no-makeup or dancing on TikTok in their pajamas … ? Who says we need to cover up our inner beauty and natural glow? Those days are gone.

All we need is #selfacceptance. A new perception of beauty. Supported by 100 percent #safeproducts that help us maintain a healthy, glowing outer shell and feel comfortable in our own skin. Modern natural beauty products can do that.

That’s why natural is the new glam!


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